Use Cases & Trials

Vertical 4 - Smart Cities

UC CITIES 1 - Connected and sensing city

This use case utilizes a smart city platform integrating various vehicles, including autonomous ones, people, and sensors across the city for real-time data exchange. It aims to enhance Smart Cities by improving media content distribution, traffic awareness, and overall network performance, driving new 6G requirements. The key objectives include enhanced road safety through better traffic and mobility control, improved decision-making with AI detection and data fusion, increased efficiency via proactive mobility services and real-time information sharing, and enhanced resource management through AI network slice-based resource allocation, ensuring effective independence between services.

UC CITIES 2 - Automated logistics

This use case focuses on automating logistics through AGVs to enhance production efficiency and employee safety. By implementing automated sorting processes, the time needed for organizing products is reduced, minimizing the risk of employee injuries during transport, especially for heavy items. Beyond 5G and 6G networks contribute to improved performance. Expected outcomes include reduced service delivery time, avoidance of heavy lifting by employees, and advanced network performance with low latency.

UC CITIES 3 - Security coordination

This use case provides public safety end users with a secure, mission-critical communication platform utilizing 5G and 6G technologies. It ensures fast, reliable, and real-time communication for first responders, aiding day-to-day operations, emergency response, and inter-agency collaboration. The platform integrates seamlessly with other public safety agencies and aligns with smart city development priorities, enhancing communication technologies for improved public safety and emergency response. The advanced features of 5G and 6G ensure communication resilience in high-stress situations with robust security measures. The platform has the potential to significantly enhance public safety in smart cities and integrates with the Smart Cities testbed to augment situational awareness.

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