Use Cases & Trials

Vertical 3 - Health

UC HEALTH 1 - 3D hydrogel patches

This use case validates a novel approach to enhance patient care for customized wound patches in remote areas using 5G/6G-enabled medical services. A nurse equipped with specialized diagnostic devices visits patients, conducts wound assessments, creates high-resolution 3D wound models, prints tailored hydrogel patches, and facilitates teleconferencing. Expert support is provided remotely from the hospital to ensure proper equipment handling and treatment instructions. The nomadic micro-network, deployed from the nurse’s vehicle, acts as an extension of the hospital’s campus network for reliable and secure connectivity.

UC HEALTH 2 - Elderly monitoring

This use case validates an innovative approach to enhance elderly monitoring and care using 5G/6G-enabled networks. Continuous monitoring through wearable devices and non-invasive tools, combined with real-time data analysis, improves security and quality of life for the elderly. AI-powered data analysis enables automatic diagnostics, threat assessment, and immediate intervention, enhancing healthcare provider decision-making. The integrated monitoring tool includes a smart watch with advanced sensors, fall detection, workout support, and a virtual assistant, a pain detection algorithm for wearables, and a telehealth platform for regular teleconferencing with hospital doctors.

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