Use Cases & Trials

Vertical 2 - Education

UC EDU 1 - XR rural school

This use case enhances the Digitaliada program by introducing an XR-enabled learning platform to support two rural schools in Romania, along with a mobile deployment called “XR Caravan” powered by 5G. Digitaliada, launched in 2016 with Orange Foundation support, is a nationwide educational program aimed at providing free digital content to 101 primary and secondary schools. The focus is on improving learning in rural areas through digitalization and XR technology. The project’s implementation in two rural schools aims to create captivating and interactive learning experiences, addressing academic performance gaps with urban students. Immersive education techniques include interactive lessons, simulations, access to educational resources through an immersive platform, and personalized learning experiences.

UC EDU 2 - Classroom of Future

This 6G-PATH education use case utilizes XR, 6G, and related technologies to establish an immersive and interactive Classroom of Future. This enables geographically dispersed students to experience high-quality learning comparable to on-campus attendance. Teaching materials focus on 5G/6G networking technologies, showcasing holographic network monitoring of large-scale infrastructures. The Classroom of Future facilitates media-rich lectures, knowledge dissemination from 6G-PATH, and interactive group discussions, promoting collaborative problem-solving tasks and team experiences, overcoming physical distances among students.

UC EDU 3 - XR health training

This use case demonstrates the integration of immersive technologies (AR/VR/XR), Beyond-5G (B5G), and 6G communication systems, along with edge and cloud computing, ML, and AI, to support advanced healthcare education. The focus is on developing a methodology allowing numerous students to participate virtually in medical scenarios with high-quality, immersive, and real-time XR experiences. The goal is to enable trainees to remotely experience situations like first responder emergencies. This use case advances eHealth education by providing extended real-time immersive scenarios, surpassing existing AR/VR-based frameworks that often rely on pre-staged recorded sessions.

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