Use Cases & Trials

Vertical 1 - Farming

UC FARM 1 - Water saving

The use case objective is to focus on the development and provision of guaranteed products and services for the agricultural sector, in this case, ensuring water saving according to the phenological stages of the crop and taking advantage of the pilot facilities to optimize and validate the final product. All this will lead to efficient and intelligent irrigation.


This UC will allow to analyse and quantify the 6G response to connection density, reliability, latency, and energy-efficiency, through battery consumption on the end-devices.

UC FARM 2 - Smart vineyards

The goal is to enhance day-to-day vineyard operations, leading to more efficient productions, reduced environmental impact, increased margins, and improved decision-making. The smart vineyards use case employs 5G/6G for local deployment, reducing cloud resource usage and improving privacy. Benefits include enhanced privacy, extended network coverage in remote areas, and automation with AGVs (Autonomous Ground Vehicles e.g., robots) and AAVs (Autonomous Aerial Vehicles e.g., drones). The core/edge solution uses compute continuum for simplified deployment, demonstrating reduced data transfer, lower Terraview costs, autonomous edge operation, and state synchronization.

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