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Conference Papers

Title Conference Authors Date of publication Link
5G Wound Management System for Remote Areas
4th IEEE International Conference on ICT Solutions for eHealth, ICT4eHealth, ESIEE Paris, France, 26-29 June 2024
Ancuta, Corici, A., Lahmann, N., Corici, M., Hoquel-Hans, M., Kuntz, S., Häusler, B., Deter, A., Grohnert, A. & Zope, H.
Promoting Deployment of Innovative Use Cases in Market Verticals for the Support of 6G Evolution: The 6G-PATH Context
20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2024), Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, 27-30 June 2024
Chochliouros, I.P. et al.
23 June 2024

Journal Papers

Title Journal Authors Date of publication Link
Federated Deep Reinforcement Learning for Prediction-Based Network Slice Mobility in 6G Mobile Networks
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Ming, Z., Yu, H., & Taleb, T.
22 May 2024
On Covert Rate in Full-Duplex D2D-Enabled Cellular Networks with Spectrum Sharing and Power Control
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Sun, R., Wu, H., Yang, B., Shen, Y., Yang, W., Jiang, X., & Taleb, T.
08 March 2024
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