The 6G-PATH consortium includes 26 partners from 13 countries, including 5 partners from industry, 8 academic and/or research organization partners, 1 NGO and 12 SMEs, which together bring to the project the full range of expertise to realize its ambitious objectives. All partners have broad experience in successful EU projects within comparable dimensions of 6G-PATH (e.g., size and ambition), and they have collaborated on topics related to mobile communications and 3GPP (4G, 5G and now B5G), cloud and multi-domain orchestration, verticals experimentation and open calls management and support.

This consortium leverages from past and ongoing collaboration activities, demonstrating the ability to comply with management guidelines, to understand communication and decision-taking processes and operational and technological requirements. All partners are aligned with the objectives and value of 6G-PATH, as well as the relevance of their own commitment towards the successful execution of the project. Each partner is aware of its role and its alignment with the project’s objectives.

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