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6G-PATH kick-off meeting

On 31 January 2024, 6G-PATH ‘6G Pilots and Trials Through Europe’ successfully concluded its two-day kick-off meeting at OTE Group of Companies (HTO) Headquarters, Athens, with a robust physical presence of the consortium partners. Officially launched on 1 January 2024, our 36-month 6G programme is a collaborative endeavour co-funded jointly by #SNSJU and the #EU.

 During the meeting, partners showcased strengths, the Project Officer shared insights, and administrative aspects were discussed. We explored diverse testbeds, specific use cases, and open call opportunities. Discussions covered validation and dedicated sessions on the 6G-PATH platform, experimentation environment, dissemination, data management, innovation, and verticals experimentation.

The commencement of this programme marks a significant step toward advancing technology, and we look forward to the impactful innovations that will unfold during this journey.

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